• one of best italian restaurants

    Luciano Pignataro
  • a haven of delights

    Gore Vidal
  • unchanged beauty of its tasty culinary inventions

    Gualtiero Marchesi
  • a mecca for serious foodies everywhere

    Ian D’Agata
  • everything helps to the concentration necessary to the exercise of taste

    Tullio Gregory
  • every time you stop at La Caravella it’s a commitment for coming back

    Stefano Rodotà
  • the Sun in the dish

    Salvatore Quasimodo
  • I have been even more surprised by the magic of the food

    Luigi Veronelli
  • The sun of the Amalfi Coast ends in a plate

    Marino Niola
  • the Caravella is the temple of the classics

    Gimmo Cuomo
  • one of the most important and well-known restaurant in the South of Italy

    Gaetano Afeltra
  • in Amalfi you find the best restaurant of Southern Italy

    Edoardo Raspelli
  • a great name of Italian cuisine in this amazing corner of the Amalfi Coast

    Carlo Petrini

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